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What Patients are saying about us...


"Throughout my life I have been to a number of physical therapy offices.  Arroyo Physical Therapy, which has been treating me for several serious ailments, is the only one I've ever been to where a therapist works directly with the client for the entire visit.  The therapists are skilled professional who work with the client to provided the attention and care s/he need to get better.

I give them my highest recommendation for service, professionalism and caring for their clients."


-C. Olivo - So. Pasadena



"Very thorough evaluations. Great for seniors."

-Cindy Y. - Altadena


"I was having issues with my ankle - I had starting running recently, and it was swelling up repeatedly.  Arroyo Physical Therapy invited me to come in and have a look at it. They checked it over thoroughly, tested a few areas and then taped me up. It helped tremendously! Arroyo Physical Therapy's Staff  are very personable and attentive, and Arroyo Physical Therapy is a great facility. Very much recommended!"

-JJ. - Los Angeles


Insurance & Billing




We ask that you please clarify any insurance issues prior to making an appointment.  We have provided the best possible information for you to verify coverage benefits.


Medicare: Arroyo Physical Therapy is a Medicare provider for Physical Therapy. Generally, you do not need to verify or call Medicare for coverage unless:


Restrictions for treatment – Treatment is billed as “Physical Therapy” and is generally covered by your Medicare and secondary as payment in full.  However, therapy is not covered if you are currently receiving ANY FORM OF HOME HEALTHCARE that is currently paid for by Medicare, even if it is unrelated to why you are being referred here. Also Medicare will not cover therapy if you are currently receiving physical therapy at another out patient clinic.  Additionally, Medicare may restrict Physical Therapy benefits if you have had prior treatment elsewhere.  Please contact Medicare if you think you have benefit limitations.  You may be liable to cover therapy services if you have not disclosed Home Healthcare or prior Physical Therapy utilization.


Private Insurance: We are authorized service providers for Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield of California, and although we accept many other private insurances, we may not be listed as an approved provider. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you call your insurance company to verify your coverage and benefits prior to scheduling an appointment. Arroyo Physical Therapy is happy to bill your insurance company as a courtesy to you as a patient, however please understand that you as a patient are ultimately financially responsible for all services rendered. Questions to ask are;


          • In-network and out-of-network coverage?

          • In-network and out-of-network deductible amounts?

          • Co-pay per treatment?


We have provided the following information for your insurance carrier to verify your benefits and coverage with us.


Billing codes used: 97001, 97110, 97112, 97116, 97530



Note: These are commonly billed codes. Not all codes are used for every therapy visit.


Cash: If you are paying cash, please request rates and payment options. Our cash rates are very affordable!  Email: info@arroyopt.com